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A Passion For Needlework

Hand embroidery has been a passion of mine since I first learned to cross stitch as a kid; both creating my own embroidered works, as well as appreciating the art of others past and present. I find a lot of beautifully embroidered pieces languishing in vintage shops and second hand stores. These pieces may have some threadbare spots or other signs of long and loving use, but I hate to see them tossed away and unused. As a stitcher myself, I know well the long hours and dedication that went into creating them, and I want to give them new life and let others continue to enjoy them in a new form. Whether it be my own embroidered creations, or something old revitalized, spreading the joy of hand embroidered goods is what my shop is all about.

I have always been a very tactile person when it comes to textiles, preferring to choose fabrics and threads by feel as much as appearance. Vintage linens have a feel about them that no modern fabric can quite imitate: old cotton towels and pillowcases that were used and loved to a delightful softness; tablecloths and napkins made from linen so smooth it feels like cream; dainty handkerchiefs glinting with just a hint of shine from the fineness of the linen fibers, and so sheer you could read a book through them; all enchant me and beg to be remade into something others can continue to use and adore.

This recycling and reusing of older treasures is also important to me as a way to do my part to keep such things out of our landfills. Whatever I cannot make into something else, all the little fabric scraps that are too small to work with, all the little ends and oorts of thread from my embroidery, all of it ends up recycled. Whether by donating whole items to thrift stores, or sending it in to be shredded and reused, none of it ends up in the trash.

All of my creations embody these ideals of promoting hand embroidered art, giving new life to treasures long forgotten, and preserving our world so future generations can continue to enjoy these same passions themselves.

Each of my products is designed from start to finish as a unique whole. Everything from shape and size, to fabrics, to the design and execution of the embroidery is chosen to work harmoniously into a single one of a kind item. No two of my works are exactly alike.

Designing new products is almost more fun to me than making them, and I am delighted to do custom orders. If you want something special and unique please don't hesitate to ask. Whether it's a new product from the fabric up, or if you have a vintage item you want repurposed, I will do my very best to make your vision a reality.

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